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Made By Earth Staff


Cathy was the one who got the business going at the start.
She did the hard yards in early mornings and big setups at markets.
Cathy leans towards the metaphysical side of crystals and is the key customer relationship star.
She is also the one digging deep in overseas factories to find special hidden items, carefully inspecting the faces of the animal carvings, and testing the sizes of bracelets, etc. Cathy is also designs and creates various crystal items, and you’ll see her paintings when visiting the warehouse.


Martin leans much more towards the scientific side of crystals.
Although he has a broad knowledge of the metaphysical properties, usually you’ll be shifted to Cathy if you have any questions,
Martin is the numbers cruncher, constantly disappointing Cathy saying no to purchases because the prices are not what we need.
He is also an Owner/Director of the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra which now has one of the largest crystal shops in the Southern Hemisphere.


Ashleigh controls most of the Facebook promotions and designs many of our graphics.
She is the connection to the current tik-tok trends and hot items.
Ashleigh also oversees the packing of orders selected on our Facebook Closed Group and is involved in ordering stock.
She spends a lot of time sending photos to customers and has developed a group who deal mainly with her due to the time and care she takes with them.


Charlotte has spent years working in a retail crystal shop.
During her time there, she gained a wide understanding of metaphysical properties, and developed an insight as to how trends affect buying habits and the importance of social media fashions and how they help drive sales.
Charlotte oversees quality control of product manufacture and helps keep track of items low in stock and in need of reordering.


Monique takes the lead organising and unpacking new shipment arrivals.
She is heavily involved in merchandising our warehouse and is usually found redoing and cleaning displays, and rearranging to make room for new stock.
She also helps create some of our products made in our warehouse and liaises with customers helping them find what they need when visiting.

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